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What we capture on the day

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Bridal preparation

Capturing you and you getting ready always starts the day off on a great. The giggles, the chaos, the brief moments of calm and contemplation…it can make for a set of really heart-warming and often beautifully funny shots.

Groom preparation

It may not take long for the groom to get ready and rush down to the bar but the laughs and banter are always a great start to the day.


The Ceremony is the whole reason for your day and its happens so quickly, we work with 3-4 cameras and professional audio placed discreetly around the ceremony to capture multiple angels with out intruding on your day.


Guest from abroad, friends, young or older they all make your day we love to capture them candid moments of your guests for when you look back on your day it brings back them great memories of who made your day special.

Couple shots

It's that time, the kisses the hugs or just a gentle stroll on the park, we aim to create something special for you not to forget the beautiful moments.

Detail shots

Ow yes... the details.........


The speeches, from guest laughing, crying or cringing from the best mans stories this is a part of the day not to be missed, we film speeches on 3-4 cameras and professional audio to capture your reaction, speakers and guest reactions all at once.

First dance

Just another one of them special moments of the day but one of the most important one, the first dance sets the evenings party away! 

It's Party time!

Ow yes, the party, its always good to capture grand parents, parents or your goofy friend pulling them dance moves so why not get it on video!

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