Terms and conditions

Videography & Photography




-          A deposit is required to secure the date of filming.

-          Payment of the balance is required before 2 week of the date of filming.




-          All cancellations must be made in writing via email

-          If for any reason you need to cancel the booking the following charges will be applied

o   More than 2 weeks before the wedding date the balance will not be chargeable and the non-refundable deposit retained.

o   Less than 2 weeks before the wedding date the full balance is chargeable and the non-refundable deposit retained.



Filming and photography

-          It is your responsibility to obtain any permissions, licenses and pay any fees to any venues/locations or entertainers/musicians performing, where filming will take place (if applicable).

-          Unless you advise us otherwise, we will assume all persons attending the wedding have consented to being filmed. 

-          We respect the wishes and regulations of anyone attending the wedding day which may limit where we position cameras and other equipment. There may be other restrictions such as a limit to movement around the venue or certain parts of the ceremony which we are not allowed to film. We aim to film the day unintrusive and work around your guests.

-           We request the respect from the guests attending, we are there to capture your day in the best possible way so may require for the guests cooperation throughout the day. 

-           We aim to film and photograph the majority of your guests while mingling and other sections throughout the day but cannot guarantee to film or photograph every guest or aspect of the day.

-           Group and family photos we aim to capture what is requested but cannot be held accountable if a guest is not available at the time of the photographs (guest not around time of photos but is on list)

-         We aim to capture as many day and evening guests as possible but we cannot be held accountable if not every guest attending your day is captured.

-          We make every effort to produce a quality film and ensure all our equipment is of the highest quality and regular maintained. We employ several back-up strategies for sound and vision however, we cannot be held responsible for any lighting, sound or interference issues caused by circumstances outside our control. This includes camera/equipment failure, adverse lighting, noise issues and restrictions imposed by venues/Churches. 

-          We use our professional expertise and discretion to ensure that significant parts of the day are recorded. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to record every aspect of the day as filming takes place 'live'. 

-          We make every effort to arrive at locations on time but we cannot be held responsible for lateness or non-attendance caused by circumstances outside our control such as traffic delays, severe weather conditions, unforeseen illness/incapacity, accident, technical, camera or equipment failure. In such circumstances we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss alternative arrangements. 

-          Whilst we aim to film and photograph as much as possible during the day, we cannot guarantee a minimum amount of footage or photos that will be taken on the day or a minimum length for a couple’s film, this is due to the ‘live-event’ nature of the day and the unique structure of each individual wedding.

-          We aim to film the whole ceremony, since the singing of the register is not allowed to be filmed by law, we do aim to pack up our equipment during this time, we also need to be notified in writing by you if there is anything else happening after the singing of the register (apart from waking down the aisle) ie; readings, solo singers or hymns. If we are not notified what sections are after the signing of the register we will pack up our equipment and prepare for the next section of the day, therefor we cannot be held accountable.

-           A normal day filming is up to 10 hours from start to finish, anything over 10 hours will be £80 per hour and payable before any footage or photos are handed over unless agreed otherwise in writing.

-              Whistle we aim to capture drone footage on the day of your wedding this all depends on the circumstances on the day, weather, location, obstructions etc. without observing the location beforehand we will endeavor to capture drone footage/photos but if the locations is unsafe to do so on the day we have full right not to take our drone up on the day.



Drone work

-              if the drone footage is included in the package and not added on as an extra, this is taken as a “free” add on and if we do not manage to capture drone footage due to the reasons mentioned above there will be no refund of any sort issued due to the drone work being added to the package as a “free” add on.

-             If we are hired specifically for drone coverage and we cannot capture drone footage on the day due to the above reason there will be a partial refund minus the travel and time expenses.

-              If the drone work has been added on to one of our packages and paid as an extra and we cannot capture the footage on the day due to the above reasons we will we will attempt to capture the footage on another day depending on the location or there will be a refund for the drone work only.




-          We ask to be provided a meal on the day, we also request that the meal is up to the same standard as the wedding breakfast meal, does not have to be the same as the breakfast meal but to the same standard, as you can imagine it is a long day for us. If the speeches are between the main meal and desert we require our meal to be brought out with one of the first, this is due to usually being served last right when the speeches are about to start.

-                If a meal is not provided for each of us on the day we will attempt to purchase a hot or cold meal and this will be added to the final bill which is payable before delivery of any footage or photos.





-          If parking is over £10 we would require to be reimbursed which can be invoiced afterwards.



-              Any location that is over a 50 mile radius from Milton Keynes will be charged at industry standard at £0.45 per mile unless agreed otherwise before booking.


-              If the travel between bridal preparation, groom preparation, ceremony location, venue location or any other locations on the day are over 20 miles between all locations the extra mileage will be charged at £0.45 per mile.




-         If there is any particular music you would like to be included in your film please let us know before your wedding day. We will advise you if there are any particular issues with your choice. If no specific music is requested we will choose appropriate music.

-         We aim to have a copy of the final film available for you within 60 days of your wedding day. However, this is only a guide as a quality product is important for both us and you.

-          You must notify us in writing (email) within 7 days of receipt of the final footage delivered of any faults or playback issues and we will make every reasonable attempt to resolve them. Should we not hear from you within 7 days we will assume you are happy with the end footage.

-          All editing decisions are to the videographer’s discretion.

-         D & I Weddings retains copyright of all materials recorded by them and it is not our policy to offer the raw footage to couples or third parties.

-         Any re-edits or any additional changes will be charged at the rate of £30.00 per hour of editing time.

-         We cannot guarantee the final full length video to be a set length due to the nature of the “live filming” on the day, we will try our best to create the full length as long as possible, the length is subject to the happenings during the day, what is filmed and the length of the events happening throughout the day.



Music choice

-          You have the choice to pick your own music but you must retain the copyright license for the music if you are wishing to use the video online, commercially or any physical copies are to be sold. While we aim to use your music choice in the video we cannot guarantee that all the music will be used and we may add some of our own if we feel it fits.




-          It is your responsibility to keep back up files of the final footage, we will hold the raw files and completed files in storage but cannot guarantee they are kept on storage for a long period of time.

By hiring us you agree to the terms and conditions set above and understand and have read the above.

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